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Message from the Director

I pay homage to the triple gem.
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of Translation Institute of Tibetan Buddhist Canon.
Tibetans have been preserving and protecting the teaching of wisdom and compassion
for more than 1,300 years since Indian Buddhism was transmitted to isolated and
inhospitable Tibetan Plateau.

His holiness the Dalai Lama, revered for his moral influence and foresight from all around
the world, brought three sets of Tibetan Buddhist Canon with him when he fled
to exile in India. He donated one set out of three to Dongguk University through Ven.
Chungdam in September 1967.

His holiness the Dalai Lama said it is worth not to preserve but to study and learn Tibetan
Buddhist Canon. He suggested to establish a research institute and donated USD 200,000
in September 2009. To honour his wish, Research Institute of Tibetan Buddhist Canon
was established here in Gyeongju Campus of Dongguk University, the holy place of
Buddhist Culture, in December 2009. In August 2014 it was renamed as Translation
Institute of Tibetan Buddhist Canon and it has carried out major translation projects.

The research on Tibetan Buddhist Canon in which monastic traditions of Nalanda,
India remained intact helps us understand true teaching of Indian Buddhism
our ancient monks longed for.

The aim of the research on Tibetan Buddhist Canon is to develop and enrich
Korean Buddhism encouraged by the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism that
still keeps linage of 교증.

Translation Fund of TITBC will be used
- to translate Tibetan Buddhist Canon
- to publish and distribute the series of research outcome on Tibetan Buddhism
- to train junior scholars specialized in Tibetan Buddhism

We will make our utmost effort to fulfill our roles to contribute for the development
of Buddhism with donation you made out of great volition and devotion.

Director of TITBC Jin Ok with folded hands