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Major projects


Translation and Publication of Tibetan Buddhist Canon

1) To compare Tibetan Buddhist Canon with Sanskrit Buddhist Canon and translate
2) To hold academic conferences hosted by TITBC
3) To translate and interpret dharma talks by his holiness the Dalai Lama
4) To publish and distribute translated Buddhist texts and literature

Setting up information infrastructure for translation and research on Buddhist Canon

- Publication of Buddhist dictionary
To publish Buddhist dictionary for keeping consistency of Buddhist terminology used in translation
- Establish Library
- Electronic Library : Collection of digitalized reference materials
-Literature Library
ㆍLiterature of 겔룩파, Literature of 까규파, Literature of 닝마파, Literature of 싸꺄파
ㆍOther Literature : Located in Sarnath, India, Central University of Tibetan Studies / Taiwan The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational
ㆍFoundation / Collecting through USA Thubten Jinba Translation Founddation. 84000 sutra Translation Founddation
- Lectures on Tibean Language and Publication of learning materials
Explore ways to access Tibetan Buddhism through Tibetan language courses

To nurture professionals specialized in Tibetan Buddhism

- To nurture talented people who can participate in translation and research of Buddhist Canon
1) To nurture talented people who can participate in translation and research of Buddhist Canon
- To provide scholarship for those who have a good command of Tibetan language and major in Buddhist Studies
- To sponsor exchange program and oversea study in Institute of Buddhist Dialectics that has MOU agreement in order to develop professional research capability.
2) To train Tibetan talents who will be in charge of reviewing and proofreading in translation of Tibetan Buddhist Canon
3) To choose talented monks across all Sangha Universities in Tibet with the help of Tibetan government To sponsor those chosen monks who will study and research Korean language and Korean Buddhism in Donnguk University so that they will become experts in translation projects.
4) Other projects (To develop talented people by reorganizing the value of Tibetan Buddhism)
- Hosting special lectures for introduction and understanding of Tibetan Buddhism
- Running social gathering and study meeting between Tibetan students who study in Dongguk University and students who are interested in Tibetan Buddhism

Comparative analysis and research on Tibetan Buddhist Canon and Korean Buddhist Canon

-Giving priority to comparative analysis of sutras that have parallels such as Diamond Sutra, Heart Sutra, Samdhinirmocana sutra and Lankavatara Sutra etc. and understanding different interpretations on sutras.